Fast PACE Start-Up and Expansion Guide

A guide and resources for those looking to start or expand a PACE organization.

Programs for the All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) provide health and social services to frail, older adults. PACE provides care to ~60,000 Americans, the vast majority of whom are dual Medicaid/Medicare eligible. With nearly 7.6 million Medicare-eligible and 2.2 million dual-eligible Americans living with complex needs, a significant opportunity exists to expand the number of PACE organizations (POs) to reach more seriously ill older adults. However, opening a new PACE site, or starting a new PACE organization, is a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process with factors such as staffing, financial planning, legal and regulatory considerations, location selection, building design, participant recruitment, and program development all needing to be addressed.
Online resources exist for some of these areas, but resources are not always easy to find, easy to cross-reference and some simply have not existed, making the process even more difficult. To address this, West Health developed a comprehensive resource hub for those looking to start or expand a PACE organization. The website (and downloadable guidebook) compiles, organizes, and directs users to existing resources and fills in gaps where resources did not previously exist. Attendees will be walked through this resource to support those who plan to start or expand a PO.
The National PACE Association’s (NPA) PACE 2.0 Initiative is leading the charge to accelerate PACE growth by improving access to PACE services for the eligible population. The PACE 2.0 Initiative Fact Sheet provides more information about the opportunity for PACE expansion.

This resource is intended for those interested in starting a new Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) or looking to expand their existing PACE organization. It outlines the various topic areas that need to be considered when creating a successful program and provides linkage to existing resources. Please also refer to this step-by-step checklist, which organizes all content into actionable steps.