Advancing Senior-Appropriate Acute Care Models

We’re working to link all points of care and facilitate seamless data flow among medical devices to improve patient safety. The resulting annual savings to the healthcare system could be more than $30 billion*.

we’re addressing

Models of Excellence

We’re advocating policy changes to include medical device data in all discussions regarding EHR interoperability.

Policy and Advocacy

Our work supports the widespread adoption of existing interoperability standards for medical devices and EHRs.

Applied Medical Research

We’re strengthening the use case for medical device interoperability by quantifying the potential savings and highlighting the magnitude of the problem.

As baby boomers age, projections show an increase in ED visits and subsequent hospitalizations

We’re dedicated to solving the challenges that hospitals face in making information flow across the devices, machines and IT systems used in patient care.

Models of Excellence that are Advancing Senior- Appropriate Acute Care

Gary and Mary West Senior Emergency Care Unit at UC San Diego Health

The Gary and Mary West Senior Emergency Care Unit will enhance care for older adults and enable a multi-year medical research initiative in partnership with the West Health Institute to support their mission of making successful aging a reality for seniors in San Diego and throughout the nation.

Learn More About the Gary and Mary West Senior Emergency Care Unit at UC San Diego Health

Our Research